[Suggestion] Polar bears are damage sponges

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Just died three times to the same polar bear who was basically camping my body.
I do the only way of fighting them, the old bull fighting technique. Each of the three attempts, I head shot him with the 1 shot rifle 2 times for 1200. I switch to shotgun, see a bunch of yellow 300 crits. all the while I'm bullfighting him.

He runs by me, still facing the other way, and somehow I still get hit.

Takes 2 hits by a bear that can climb flat mountain sides, so a hunter's bluff is pointless for solo.
I'm wearing polar armor... how am I that squishy.

Bears need to be looked at for solo at least.

Under consideration Suggested by: Gyfford Upvoted: 07 Dec, '23 Comments: 9

Comments: 9