[Suggestion] Changes to brewing Tea, Coffee, etc.

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Crafted drinks could be changed into stackable cups that spoil over time, or it could just change the entire thermos to tea or whatever you want. Brewing tea and other drinks seems pointless since you only get one sip, and it uses up the entire thermos when you drink it. It also costs 50 tea etc. to brew up one sip that has a 900 second buff. Making them stackable with a shorter buff time (300) (10-20 stack) and making each cup cost 5-10 tea each sounds fair. Can be crafted in the Cooking Station. Using the thermos can stay as is (50 tea 900 sec), but allows you to drink tea until the thermos is empty. Filling the thermos with water at any point would change it back to regular water if you didn't want that crafted drink anymore. I feel as though this would encourage players to utilize crafted drinks more often.

Done Food Suggested by: TheMaddHatter165 Upvoted: 11 Apr Comments: 19

Comments: 19