[Suggestion] Actor Status Rebalance

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Please consider rebalancing the status effects. While I understand the design intent, in their current iteration many actor statuses do not make any sense or are too harsh.

For example, why can I contract Pneumonia (a respiratory infection) in a cave when wearing a spacesuit with dedicated O2 tanks?

Another example is the "Cold" status. Why is this applied immediately upon stepping into ANKLE-DEEP water in a cave? I am not saying remove the status, but to make this sensical it should be applied after a short duration in said water. When coupled with the "Underground" debuff, this equates to -58% Stamina, if you then get Pneumonia that's an additional -50% Stamina.

Another example; Low Oxygen status should not apply until the player has ran out of O2

A player should NEVER lose so much stamina it can result in them being unable to jump, which can sometimes leave them unable to free themselves from a specific spot/location.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: RedSpider Upvoted: 23 Jan, '22 Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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