[Observation] Un-Bearable difficulties -- Polar Bears

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There's a slew of issues I'm noticing w/ Polar Bears atm. I'm sure there's more considering how wildly difficult they are even for a party and while some difficulty is nice, a lot of this is pretty jank. Details below:
-Polar Bears will aggro to hunted corpses or even players multiple squares away with no notice.
-They spawn ridiculously fast AND close. A bear spawned on me literally w/in seconds of killing one, happened twice in one mission.
-They can climb sheer cliffs, I'd love some climbing gear like that.
-nasty hit boxes. They often seem to hit wide swaths BEHIND themselves.
-A two hit kill AND a high "Grievous Wound" rate that lasts past death. Insult to injury.
-5000 HP? A bit too high. If this is your answer to preventing One hit Stealth Kills maybe those are too powerful.

Under consideration AI Suggested by: DrCinnabon Upvoted: 07 Jul, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2