[Suggestion] Use Outposts as a Hub - Destiny or Minecraft Citybuild Style

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Hey there, after trying out the game for several hours and roaming the steam communtiy i have a suggestion for the outposts.

Welcome to Outpost 108, one of the last habitable places on the planet. Terraforming failed catastrophically, but there are some places protected from storms and the poisonous winds by mountain formations. But the materials are finite, so we have to go out into the Wildlands, to gather what we can, so our Outpost can grow.

A LOT of players complain about the "starting over" aspect of the game

Why not use Outposts as a "Hub", like in Destiny, or on a Minecraft Citybuild Server? Make Resources finite there, so you HAVE TO go out to do missions. And you have a weigth limit for what you can bring with you. This could solve so many problems and also wouldn't interfere with your "session based game" idea. All what we (the players) want is a safe haven where we can build in peace, but not for nothing - to use the outpost as a mission bridgehead.

Under consideration Map: Outposts Suggested by: Morgindale Upvoted: 28 Jun, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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