[Suggestion] Sandbox: Setting Adjustments

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I think the implementation of Sandbox settings for the user is something you should highly reconsider. I know you have marked previous suggestions as not being considered. To that I say you are not considering a vast player base that is being off put by the inability to build and keep a base going, while not having the game play disrupted at an uncontrollable level. If you added in the ability to select whether or not you can have predators, maybe also add in some things like how intense storms are, how hostile the wild life is. I am confident that you would broaden the target audience for your game, and very confident you would increase your sales. It doesn't have to be factorio level customization, but you have taken the players ability to choose how they want to play the game away at a fundamental level. In saying this, the game is really fun, it's very pretty. I will play it with my squad, but I also have friends who won't play the missions because they can't enjoy the outpost.

Under consideration Missions Suggested by: Nick D. Upvoted: 15 Jan, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0