Talent Suggestions Part One

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A lot of talents feel lackluster for a lot of people, marginal stat increases barely anyone notice outside of focused testing. So here are some I feel would be widely appreciated.

Night Eyes - Can see better in the dark by 25%
Confidence - 10% movement speed during the day (additional talent to the existing ones)
What's That? - Map records landmarks found during exploration (caves, creatures, resources)

(Move harvesting talents from hunting to this tree, butchers know how to harvest better)
Botanist - Highlight special plants and foods when not moving
Well Made - Half spoil timer on crafted foods (to benefit those without food talent
Leftovers - Craft two get one free

Wasteless - Additional +20% harvest of 'all' ore types.
Exotic Tastes - +10% move speed +can see animal health bars -10% Health from injecting exotics.
Dollar Signs - Highlights highest tier ores (can mine them in the dark)
Gold Rush - +10% speed while carrying 50 gold ore

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: Futurelord Upvoted: 07 Jul, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1