Talent Suggestions Part Two

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Attraction: Can make animal traps
Distraction: Can throw an object to make animals turn around or investigate
Miscalculation: Fear induced +25% movement speed for 3 seconds after hitting a creature without killing it (5 min cooldown).
Mutual Destruction: +25% damage to melee weapons when below 50% health

Duel Wield: Can duel wield +100% attack speed +10% yields
That's it, this tree is near perfection.

What's the point?
This Is Fine: 25% chance to put out fire by staying cool

Speed Build: Can pick up an entire structure and plop it down somewhere else (weight match number of pieces used to construct minus talent weight reductions).
Deadly Constructions: Can build and snap a wall of spikes to exterior walls that damage similar to hedgehogs.
Barbarian - Can construct base parts out of bones (blood stains optional)

Let crossbow benefit from all the talents unlocked in bow tree
Fix the wounding talent so that it actually works

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: Futurelord Upvoted: 12 Jan, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2