[Balance] Farming is not rewarding enough

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The very long growth time (2 realtime hours?!) coupled with the very low yield (2-4 units per plot) makes it far too gimmicky and improductive to farm any crop.
Even with 20% extra growth rate + crops not withering with Fresh is Best, farming is still a huge chore and just not worth the time and resources, it's strictly better to run around the map looking for the fruits/veggies instead.
In the case of watermelons I could hardly even keep a superavit of melons (because they spoil too fast), unless I sat by the plot and collected them almost the minute they grew.

Also the whole crop plot interface could be reworked: Why does it allow me to stack multiples in the seed slot if re-planting isn't automatic? Why does it have 2 output slots if it always outputs 2-4 units?

Even perennial plants like coffee/yeast aren't very useful because of the very low yield and high requirements for production. (Growing 50 coffee would take 50 hours of play time in a single plot, that's not reasonable.)

Done Suggested by: Lotus Martini Upvoted: 23 Jul, '23 Comments: 4

Comments: 4