[Suggestion] Mounts, Vehicles, better Gameplay in General Suggestions

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- Mounts (let us ride Buffalos, Deers) for more Space to Farm Materials/Exotics and faster Movement
- Full accesable Orbit Station (for the Immersion, the simple Menu now is boring)
- Car (same reason to add like the Mounts)

- add a free creativve Mode with unlimited resources and change the Outpost Mode to a permanent Base mode with all the dangers of ICARUS (weather, wildlife, alien creatures), the new reason for the improved outpost mode is to make it rewarding to build a permanent base and let us grind exotic materials for the orbital workshop EXKLUSIVE in this Mode! WIth Drills and all that Stuff.

On the other Hand, Missions be the Reason for get Upgrade Points (yellow ones).

Sorry for the Bad English, but im 100% shure all this make ICARUS a better Game in Future. Especially a permanent base with a Reason to build it (exotics Material only in this Mode, good preparation neccessary to get it) is something most of the Players Want as Endgame.

Good Game so far
Thanks guys!

Under consideration Suggested by: Martin Booster Upvoted: 18 Sep, '22 Comments: 17

Comments: 17

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