[Suggestion] How to Rebalance Tier 4 and actually allow players to experience more of the game

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Almost the entire T4 and even some of the T3 is unattainable especially if playing with a group. There should be a high bar to enter a new tier of crafting. When entering that tier of crafting there needs to be a feeling of accomplishment. Currently this is taken away by resource economy.

Fab Bench should be 60-80 Electronics.
Electronics cost 2 copper, not 3.
Nothing but the Fab Bench should cost more than 15-20 Electronics. The initial grind for a player should be to access the higher tier. not every single item

Instead of reworking every recipe it may be easier to just change the ore to ingot ratio.

Every cave in the photo has been fully mined with maximum yield items. 15 hours in and as a solo don't have resources to craft T4 items. Playing with a group of 2-3 it should be feasible to have everyone have T4 items after 15-20 hours. 5-10 for solo. Especially considering a player starts over every single prospect. Its good game with 1-3 fixable problems keeping it from being great.

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Comments: 77