[Bug] Orbital Armor Lost

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So we had spent a lot of time building a radar to see if there was a second extraction for exotics on worm boss level where there are crashed drop pods...when we finished we were all by the dropships. We had 3 people in the mission. We were shooting at each other with the bow and jumping around just playing before leaving. I decided to go to orbit and a screen popped up and said it wasn't saved yet and kept me on the ground long enough for one of the others to shoot me with an arrow and kill me.

No big deal. Body was on the ground. Pod was still here. They resurrected me but my enviro suit wasn't on me. No o2 water or food slots were available. Just gone....I'm assuming from the death while trying to go to orbit. When we all left and got back into space my suit came back....but NONE of the orbit armor. Keep in mind the armor was on AFTER and BEFORE I died and came back. It should be there but it isn't.....I'm now needing to craft all 5 pieces again.

Under consideration Armour Suggested by: Jacob Taylor Upvoted: 20 Dec, '21 Comments: 2

Comments: 2