[Suggestion] Ingots should not take more space than ore

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Iron and copper ore stack to 50, and smelts 2:1 into ingots that stack to 20. So 50 ore produces 25 ingots which takes 2 inventory slots, up from the 1 that was being consumed by the ore used to produce it.

Smelting ore into ingots should make it take less overall space, not more. As the ore is being formed into a more efficient shape.

Titanium and Platinum do this a little better, in that it stacks to 100 and smelts 5:1 producing a single stack of 20 ingots, at least maintaining a 1:1 ratio of inventory slots used from ore stack to ingot stack.

And then we have aluminum... I'm pretty sure a dev was drunk when he wrote out the numbers for aluminum smelting. :)

In short, ore should be a less efficient means of storing material, and ingots should be more efficient. At the moment it is at best a straight across trade between the two for some materials, but often a loss.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Alan Upvoted: 23 Mar Comments: 3

Comments: 3