[Suggestion] Full Map Customizable Survival Play

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I would love an outpost mode where we have complete customizable control.

1. People able to tweak the life and damage of each wildlife creature.
2. Adjusting the storms durations.
3. Adjusting the storms Frequency.
4. Adjusting a gradual scale on storm intensity over a set time. The storms gradually grow in frequency/intensity over the course of a set time to further increase the need to prepare.
5. Add the option for the more intense storms to be able to damage buildings beyond wood.
6. Add increased exposure and speed penalties with the more intense storms.
7. Add a player determined respawn time for ores.
8. The full map.

The game is great. But it’s missing that legitimate survival aspect that comes with having to maintain a safe place along with hunting/gathering resources. The storms are the best feature of this game since they actually have an impact on your environment and actions. But we need the full map without time restrictions to do as we please.

Under consideration Suggested by: Aroath Upvoted: 01 Nov, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2