[Suggestion] Spears NEED a buff patch, BADLY

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Spears have a problem: They are too expensive to lose when thrown (when compared to arrows), take up too much inventory/hotbar space to use effectively if made in useful quantities, and are too weak in melee to be useful, especially when compared to knives. I've played Icarus with several friends consistently over that last week or so (60+ hours I believe), and several of my friends have tried to make the spear a solid weapon of choice, to no avail. In fact, even the Spear Parry skill isn't actually helpful.
Solutions might be:
1)spears get a quiver which lets them stack like arrows might, perhaps for up to 5 spears.
2)give spears significantly increased melee damage (they do nearly the same damage as a knife, but with less than half the attack speed of a knife)
3)Spears get a blocking animation using the mousewheel button or something, which significantly reduces damage taken--Spear Parry skill gets reworked to increase damage blocked this way

Under consideration Weapons Suggested by: IO Upvoted: 15 Sep, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2