[Suggestion] Add Call Dropship Craftable(s) — return home beacon to address enormous travel time?

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90% of this game is running. Gameplay is great… until I realize I need to run 20 min at the end of a mission which is EXCRUCIATING as there are no more materials to search for and I’m totally geared up (so wildlife isn’t an issue). I’ve found it more economical to set spawn point at drop ship and deposit inventory so I can suicide at end of mission and negate travel. (After all level 40+ really has no penalty for respawning due to no more talent points). A solid solution to the mindless travel would be a group of craftables in tier 3 or 4 tech, which would allow you to:
A: call your dropship to you, say at the end of mission and negate the useless run-back-to-start feature.
B: ride your drop ship to a final destination
C: send your drop ship to a final location, with cargo
Bottom line: please address travel mechanics. Drop ship craftables could have a high threshold cost, to prevent abuse, but something is needed beyond cheesing the spawn point and suiciding to avoid run time.

Done Suggested by: Jacob Upvoted: 03 Apr Comments: 15

Comments: 15