[Suggestion] Change New Workshop Backpacks to Include a G Slot

15 votes

Please add one G slot (1 of the 6 added spaces) to each of the new backpacks in the Orbital workshop. The G slot can act as a normal space or for a piece of a equipment that can only go in the G slot.

Also, add a new backpack in the Orbital workshop that adds 3 additional G slots. The backpack can be carried specifically on those missions that require up to 4 G slot items. These extra G slots would come at a tradeoff to the other cool perks that you get from the other backpacks.

I think this change would make the community happy, not having us run back and forth so much.

Done Workshop Suggested by: Steve O. Upvoted: 03 Apr, '23 Comments: 5

Comments: 5