[Suggestion] Make copper and gold smelt at a 1:1 ratio of ore to ingot instead of 2:1

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Currently it is extremely expensive to tech up to T4. The biggest hurdle being the massive quantities of electronics that are required. Rather than going to each recipe that requires electronics and doing a big rebalancing of the ratios there, the easiest solution would be to let us have more efficiency in smelting copper and gold. This would cut the current requirements in half which I think most players would find reasonable.

This change would also make the carpentry table more useful because if copper is less needed for electronics, copper nails are a lot more feasible to use. As it stands, copper nails just aren't worth it apart from the 120 you need for the carpentry bench to become a stick making machine and nothing else.

To go even further, I personally think changing electronics to be 1:2 gold and copper ratio along with this change would not be unwelcome either. Copper has lots of uses, but we cannot explore those because of electronics cost.

Under consideration Suggested by: Zach Upvoted: 28 Apr Comments: 0

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