cave system revamp

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After all the time i have played in this game i feel that the amount of caves on that map are sufficient enough, however, If i may suggest that instead of creating more caves on the map that just revamping the cave systems to have multiple levels/areas that can only be opened by each level of pick axe created at the anvil.

I love the fact that i stumble across a cave that is sealed by stone and i have to pick my way in, Id like to have copper and iron in the first area that can be opened with a simple stone pick, aluminum and gold along with the first two in the second area that would need the iron pick and the final area could have titanium, platinum and all the other metals needed for tier 4.
I would ask that the stone at each tier entrance be hardened per tier and would make the mining of the stone double or triple the amount given when cleared out. If you need to label each then i could suggest quartz stone, marble stone, and granite stone for tier levels.

Done Caves Suggested by: jay Upvoted: 05 Feb, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1