Some Mission Can not be done Because its Buged

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So i was doing the mission Wet Work hardcore mode. So here what i founded:
1. I was doing routine preparation to finish the mission, but i had to go for a while and i was planing get back to play little later. But There bug happend I did prepear all things such a trap and poisoned it before i logged out, but when i logged in back all progression gone i was repeating the preparation but it didnt count . so i got back to space and start once againe from scrap.
2. this jaguar sometimes spawning at down of the hill not from cave where it leaves. im not sure if it is a bug or smth else.
3. Another mission "Station to station". When u built shelters for beacons and do your things while you in the game its all good. When your logging out and logging in back all progression seems lost, but the point u just need to go to each staion and it will recognize progression and continiue the mission.
sorry my Engl is poor

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