[Suggestion] More Lore/Story Involvment

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I got this game initially for the crazy potential it has for an engaging and fascinating story. Since its launch, I haven't seen any developments in this area besides the 20-minute video that's just about a rough storm. There are no connections to you (the player) or anything you can find on the planet or in missions.
I suggest they add bases to some mission - no not bases you've built - but bases that other NPC prospectors built and failed. find some logs, books, or diaries they had been keeping. Gain access to backdoor information about the various factions you're doing missions for other than the guy saying "they have the money and the tech to do whatever they want". It stands to reason that you're not the only prospector on the planet so to find evidence of other people (NPC's not you from a previous mission) on the planet with you would be fantastic.

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Comments: 27

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