[BUG] T4 Electric Dehumidifier area of effect should be much larger than T3 charcoal Dehumidifier

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Upgraded a T3 charcoal Dehumidifier in a cave base (D10-E11 mega cave) to an T4 Electric Dehumidifier expecting it to cover a larger area. The area of effect of the Electric Dehumidifier seems slightly smaller than the charcoal Dehumidifier. The T4 Electric Dehumidifier should cover a significantly larger area. I was expecting the T4 effective radius to be 150-200% of the T3, especially considering the T4 cost of 35 Electronics and 20 Composites + Biofuel Generator vs the T3 cost of 20 electronics and 24 copper ingots.
Later I moved the Electric Dehumidifier to the mid-sized cave on the boundary between G14-H14 to prevent cave worm spawning. I had difficulty placing it so that it covered both the cave entrance to prevent triggering the cave worms from spawning and the open area further in where I wanted to place crafting benches. The Electric Dehumidifier should easily cover an entire mid-sized cave.
As-is, larger caves with worms will require using 2 or more.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: WH0L3H34RT Upvoted: 07 Sep, '22 Comments: 0

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