Out of Bounds death

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Was doing the mission Arctic: Expedition and because there is an Out of Bounds area on one of the two paths we need to take, I tried to run through it and died. Now my body and all my Workshop gear I unlocked is stuck so far into this Out of Bounds area that there is no way for me to reach it, let alone get the gear into my inventory and get out of the OOB area without dying - so what am I supposed to do?
And while I'm here, why would you have going Out of Bounds kill us in the first place? Why not just have the game transport us back to the inbounds area? You've literally ruined all the work I've done over a lot of weeks to buy and craft all that gear because I ran out of bounds for 20 secs and can't get to my body no matter how many times I try.

Under consideration Missions Suggested by: IkeT Upvoted: 11 Dec, '23 Comments: 3

Comments: 3