"Void" areas - uncollectable resources, cannot interact with items

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On some missions it seems there are areas I would consider "voids" where you can interact with some resources only at specific angles, and often times not at all. They seem to have sort of an odd border or "sphere" shape to these voids. The first one that I have encountered seems to be in the lower southwest corner of D12, just before the snow to the east, in the lower elevation area. There is a clump of rocks and resources there.

I was able to reproduce this multiple times in multiplayer and on friend's maps. If you go to mine resources, you can mine maybe have of the rocks before they are detected as a solid. If you place a base there, many of the tables, doors, and items can no longer be interacted with, though sometimes if you get at just the right angle you may be able to. If you get above this "void" bases and tables work fine.

I have encountered this randomly with other resources, namely on LifeLine Construction, on some of the rocks bordering the cliff area of B2.

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Comments: 2

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