circuit boards

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Circuit boards are ridiculously costly @ around £7,800 each. Totally unrealistic on any planet, I understand the need to make it a bit difficult but this is insane. I would like to see maybe an electronics bench introduced to maintain the difficulty using gold/copper but also to utilise other manufacturing components. Allow gold copper to be broke into parts with silica and even carbon fibre in the mix to allow the making of circuit boards at a resonable price. Circuit boards have a fraction of gold and copper and having to use so much is unrealistic and spoiling the game. Yes make it harder to craft using a bench with the addition of several other ingredients but not so you have to mine and smelt over £1 million of gold to make an electric furnace or a basic generator.Please consider this an option as i`m sure many people with just give up the game over this 1 stupid thing. Many thanks

Done Balance Suggested by: Leigh Upvoted: 19 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0