Bug: Slopes have items /bodies dropping beneath the surface

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I have observed multiple times that items dropping to the floor on a slope/inclined surface sometimes tend to fall beneath the surface and cannot be interacted with any more. This happened often while chopping trees (wood pieces would just slide underneath), and also if one person were to throw items toward another - so much so that we now always use a campfire or other storage unit for item transfer.
But yesterday, as I was playing a hardcore mission with friends and got knocked out by wolves, it happened to my character's body - it fell so deep beneath the surface that my friends were unable to reach me or revive me, nor could they reach my inventory/loot. When I used the "unstuck me" button, my camera view was transported to my original spaceship, but my unconcious body was not there to be revived either, even though my friends tried everything. I had to pull my character out of the mission using the feature at character selection, of course losing my ingame inventory. Thx!

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