Currency being consumed without receiving workshop item. Rev.

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I had long since unlocked the Shengong 'Dongtian' Evniorsuit but after getting all the Naneo armor, decided to finally craft it. I had exactly 250 of the normal currency and 101 exotics, it consumed the 250 money and 100 exotics but did not craft the enviorsuit. I have reloaded the game and that did not fix it. Not game "breaking" but definitely a frustrating experience. Please contact me if you need any more details, not sure if I clicked things too quickly or what, I'm a QA Test Engineer for another company, so I'm happy to try and repro anything for you if you need it, genuinely loving the game and wanting to support it!

Under consideration Workshop Suggested by: Reid Upvoted: 07 Mar, '23 Comments: 10

Comments: 10