[Observation] Consolidated list of suggestions to address Talent concerns, bugs, and respecs

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Solution to the Talent issue:
1. Give every current player a 1 time full refresh of their Talents (good faith fix on par with the Christmas rescue)
2. Set a cost of respec points to something reasonable a new player could find worthwhile (50-75R)
3. Add a UI option to select/undo talents before clicking to commit them. added benefit, it gives us an always up-to-date in-game Talent build calculator
4. Add a feature (cost per slot) to allow additional Talent 'loadouts' from the orbital station before starting a mission
5. Add ability to purchase more Character Slots
6. Grant Respec points to player characters to undo a Talent selection when the game has large changes to how Talents work limiting their usefullness
7. Cleanup the Talent Descriptions to adequately describe in game terms exactly what the talent does (a lot in the cook/farm tree are quite cryptic)
8. Fix the broken connectors in the talent trees that don't properly allow progress to higher talents, even though a path exists

Done Talents Suggested by: BuckMcDancer Upvoted: 08 Jul, '23 Comments: 8

Comments: 8