Mission Layout Rework

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-Scrap the current mission screen that limits us to 1 mission per drop.
-Chain missions together and allow a virtual NPC to give you new steps once the prior is completed.(this can easily be in text format)
-Have more than 1 NPC have missions in a certain biome at the same time.(NPCs can have specializations, for example, bounties, gathering, construction, exploration, ect)
Essentially, you will get a handful of tiered missions in a specific biome and you will choose that biome on the map and drop into a random area of that biome. Upon landing you can then choose which mission you have in the area to focus on......or you can do them all in one drop.(if timer allows)
This will urge players to actually stay longer, prepare more, and will make the mission timer more relevant. Also, players will have more reasons to tech up and grind other than JUST exotics.
Players can help others with missions they already completed but only get credit for completing it 1 time.

Done Missions Suggested by: Rough Upvoted: 28 Mar, '22 Comments: 5

Comments: 5