Loadout management QoL improvements

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I play with many friends with many toons, and atm it is pain to move gear between toons and sometimes bring gear/tools for friends as well.

- add option to automatically return all gear into your-items on orbital return
- add support for ctrl-click to move gear between your-items and loadout
- add archive tab to your-items where you can store not-anymore-so-relevant-gear (rather than scroll & eyeball the huge your-items)
- add loadout templates to quickly switch between loadout setups
- add return all gear button

Or simply make it always template based. Always return gear to your-items stash. And on mission drop you choose the template which gears you up, highlighting missing pieces if any.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Balaur Upvoted: 08 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

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