[Bug] Spirit Level mission objective does not complete

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Most of the comments on this mission are regarding the placement of the radars.

This bug is earlier and regards picking up the radars from the crate. The radar locations do not generate unless the "pick up equipment" task is completed.

However, I just played the hardcore version and picked up both radars without the objective registering it as complete. I tried many ways to drop, place, and pick up the radar to try and force the objective to complete, but none worked.

I'm not sure what event actually completes this objective (item in inventory, item removed from crate, crate opened, etc.) but something more consistent needs to be used. This bug has been mentioned by others in the official Discord channel, but surprisingly is not posted here. Please fix to guarantee mission progression.

Under consideration Missions Suggested by: Boku Upvoted: 28 Mar, '22 Comments: 9

Comments: 9