Inaris "Neves" Pickaxe

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So I just want to say that this pickaxe is a HUGE let down. So much grind, so much hard work, completing missions over and over again, for not even 200 exotics per vein anymore.

I figured that for such a long grind, and most of the missions being completed, I would never have to craft a pickaxe on-planet ever again. But much to my dismay, I find that the durability of this pickaxe is roughly the same, if not slightly worse, as the Shengong "Dong" pickaxe. And for a 12% yield gain? Honestly, it's pathetic.

The Neves pickaxe effectively costs 1000 Ren and 1650 exotics, because it's locked behind the other expensive pickaxes, so you HAVE to spend that much. And it's the BIGGEST let down EVER. Why does the Jijing bow offer such good durability that I've never needed another bow. But the most expensive pickaxe, "a miner's dream," (nightmare more like it) offer such a low durability? It makes no sense. The investment/return for Neves is atrocious. PLEEEASE fix it and make it worthwhile.

Under consideration Balance Workshop Suggested by: Carlos Upvoted: 27 Apr, '22 Comments: 3

Comments: 3