Workshop Item tweaking/more options

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A lot of items in the workshop seem wildly inconsistent. Top Tier pickaxe is almost as good as the best pickaxe you can craft, top tier axe is almost steel. The Knives are awesome, the spears seem like garbage. The best arrows are awesome, the bows, meh. One repair hammer seems ok, the other seems like a liability. More tweaking/internal consistency could be a benefit.
I would also like to see a few additions, such as a light source or binoculars. Nothing great. Drop flashlight could be barely better than a torch, with the narrow beam of a flashlight. Binoculars could be less zoom than the crafted ones. Just something to let you completely and totally "hit the ground running" without NEEDING to stop.

Under consideration Balance Workshop Suggested by: Shawn Upvoted: 17 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

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