Naneo armor broken

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It's no longer is superior to any armor made on the surface. In fact, it has become a waste of exotics and ren to purchase as it no longer offers any protection from cold or heat. You risk losing simply bringing it down to the surface if you have to go into multiple biomes as you will need to make different armor now for each biome from natural resources. Workshop items are becoming increasingly unhelpful as they often break quickly, are unreapirable on the surface, and only last for the first 30-40 minutes of a mission (my Inaris pickaxe breaks if I do not watch how I use it and use it excessively on low level gathering - I often have to make a iron pickaxe asap then use the Inaris sparingly after that.)

Done Armour Suggested by: yana Upvoted: 28 Jul, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2