[Suggestion] Add Meat Cleaver Butcher's Knife

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I think given objectives to obtain the rarer cuts of meat in some missions and how dependent that can be on RNG Rocket Werkz should consider adding a new knife blueprint craftable recipe for a Meat Cleaver Knife.

This new craftable item would not guarantee but increase the likelihood of receiving the rare meat types from their respective animals that can drop them. If their normal drop rate is like 10% then it could go up to like 50+% when harvesting via a butcher's knife. This item would not be without it's drawbacks either as it would have a lower yield to receive Fur/Leather when using it as a way to balance it somewhat against having a higher rate for the rarer meats. You're trading of those resources for more and better cuts of meat.

Other than what it does I do not think an item like this should be gated behind Tier 4 otherwise I was just going to say make the Machete recipe this but those who just want this knife to help gather rare meats don't get a Fabricator necessarily.

Done Suggested by: Cipher 8 Upvoted: 08 Sep, '22 Comments: 5

Comments: 5