[Suggestion] Scorpions overpowered & seem not to be doing as advertised

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Scorpions are supposed to be guarding territory, but that territory is huge, they wander around, have huge aggro range, and their sting is WAY over the top in killing power before player has chance to find shelter/safety and craft anti-venom. RL scorpions don't have great eyesight, these can see & aggro me at greater range than the cougars (and are several times more damaging and harder to kill than cougars).
I suggest toning down scorpion vision to half the current value and keep them from roaming a huge territory. They should stay near their nest or be less aggro prone while away from it.

Under consideration AI Balance Suggested by: cmopatrick Upvoted: 11 Oct, '23 Comments: 6

Comments: 6