Story/single player elements and functionality in Outpost mode

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Lets talk about outposts... They need help, badly. We are supposed to be here 'opening up' the planet for exploitation so outposts should take that from just a voice line in a mission to an actual quantifiable thing in game.

Id like to see a system that allows NPC prospectors and explorers to piggy back off your outpost and expand into a newer much larger map. As they do so, you could perhaps gain a revenue stream of currency and/or exotics by giving them access to the facilities you have already built. The more advanced, nicer, and larger your facilities the more you could make. You could also lock vanities behind certain milestones in outpost. Or even lock access to expanded portions of this map behind having a outpost big or successful enough. A system like this could even be paired with an offline even be paired with an offline event system that could spontaneously damage things, or affect certain areas or resources that you would then have to drop down to fix.

Under consideration Map: Outposts Suggested by: alan0n Upvoted: 06 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0