Suggestion: reduce/suppress the spawn rate of Scorpions near landing sites for at least 1 hour...

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There was seriously umpteen billion scorpions near landing sites in desert. And it didn't help when my friend rezzed me that spoiled meat automatically located my food slot and made me sick and die again.

Ok, so there was millions of scorps around my landing site in the desert for Death Ray Scan. At one point, it was about ten scorpions in a row right after landing, I hadn't even had time to barely make a bow. I had to call a friend to rez me and once we got our camp to the point where we had a kitchen bench they obviously became not a problem due to the poison pill we can make but still - they were non-stop.

Interestingly, they were hardly anywhere else during our run to the three scan points. :p

Ultimately shouldn't the wildlife be scared off by the sound of our landing pods for at least a little while?

Under consideration AI Suggested by: yana Upvoted: 22 May Comments: 0

Comments: 0