Armour re-balance

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Naneo armour heat and cold resistance be re-balanced to make fur, fabric and hunter armour be better in cold and heat resistance since other armours become pointless and useless after you get the Naneo armour.

Armour currently in Icarus has a good variety but is not balanced correctly. Currently if you buy the Station Workshop Naneo armour, it alone is better than all other armours in the game with regards to Heat and Cold resistance, this makes building the other armours (especially Composite Armour) pointless!
All the current stats with regards to physical resistance and exposure resistance is perfect, I'm only requesting the cold and heat resistance be changed such that Fur Armour has better cold resistance and Fabric/Hunter armour has better heat resistance than the Naneo armour and Composite Armour be buffed up to be the best possible armour in the game making it worth crafting as currently it is a pointless and useless armour.

Under consideration Armour Balance Suggested by: Barry Upvoted: 07 Apr, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2