[Suggestion] QoL: Show other players bound bedrolls, show if you don't have a bound bedroll

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In multiplayer, we normally have several bedrolls, one for each player. This might not be needed, but it makes sense. The two points I noticed: 1: Looking at a bedroll, you can't see if it was set as another player's respawn point. This would be useful when you are trying to bind yourself to a new bedroll but also when you reorganise/rebuild the house and need to move the bedrolls. 2: In multiplayer, your bedroll can be moved without you knowing about it, which then invalidates your respawn bind. I'd like to have this shown on the HUD, the fact that you don't have a bound respawn point.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Jack Upvoted: 03 May, '22 Comments: 0

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