Too many problems

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First of, i really like this game and want it to work, but .... -Not enough talent points. You should have enough talent point to at least max out 1 branch in all 3 tabs -combat. The combat is stupid DPS check instead of skill check, cuz enemies just rush you, get under you and hit you cuz the game uses hit scan mechanic independend from animal animations (seeing a wolf 1.5m away from you doing his bite animation and it somehow reaches you is stupid, and don't get me started on bears who can scale a vertical wall to kill you) -rewards. Money and exotics are virtually useless, since the stuff you buy in the workshop cannot be repaired and offers a miniscule bonus. Let us buy things like: extra talent points, extra inventory slots(without using suit nodes - they can be more expensive), health, stamina, regeneration (call it advanced physical training or something... You showed good resources in the new scanning mission with exotics infused pickaxe which was good (more like it pls)

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Lucian Upvoted: 18 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

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