payback extraction

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I recently completed this mission with a friend. We made the mistake of using the radar to scan close enough to find the exotic node but not close enough to get mission credit. We mined the node with an extractor and couldn't figure out why the mission was still asking us to find the node. We spent hours running around the map scanning with the radar trying to figure out if there was another node. Eventually after watching several videos we figured out there was only 1 node and you have to scan very close to it to get mission credit. The problem was we had already scanned somewhat close to it and couldn't scan again, it took quite a while for us to find a spot where it let us scan. This was a lot of wasted time, I suggest making the trigger be the players reaching the proximity of the node or making the mission text more elaborate so this doesn't happen to other people.

Under consideration Missions Suggested by: Chopper Upvoted: 18 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

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