Electronics needs rework!

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The resources needed and the time it takes for electronics is completely unreasonable and the biggest problem because it sucks the fun out of the game and just makes it a tedious boring chore that takes way too much time! Specially when there is no incentive or reason what so ever to even want stuff from T4. Even if there where some reason for T4 it's not worth it what so ever and the reason for all of it is Electronics. There are a few ways to make it better. Give us at least 5 electronics instead of 1 from the resources needed. Cut the electronics with at least 75% of what's needed across the board. Remove the Organic Resin and Epoxy and 1 instead of 3 copper bars. Please stop punishing the players for buying and playing your game!

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Stop the madness. Upvoted: 30 Jan Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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