[SUGGESTION] Bugs and problems with T3/T4 Benches

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I have 400+ hours locked in... Here are few findings that I cant see others reporting or developers taking notice: *Glassworking bench: Too big, needs to be smaller *Biofuel Generator: Too big, needs to be smaller(make a 10kW generator in the size of the existing one) *Metal Oxite Dissolver: Biofuel usage too high *Chemistry Bench: No water connection, Cant make "Bread Dough", Change required power from 2500 to 1500-2000 *Material Processor: No on/off switch, No Animations, No sound *Electrical Carpentry Bench: No animation, no sound, add option to make x100 sticks(its T4, yet you can craft x10 sticks in inventory way faster) *Electrical Masonry Bench: Cant make cement/concrete... Totally useless *Heavy Air Conditioner: No animation P.S. This alone is sufficient to say that this game hasnt been properly tested(beacause endgame is nonexistent for all missions except one) and is far from finished... PLEASE, PLAY/TEST YOUR GAME !!!

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Roberts Upvoted: 11 Oct, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2