Larkwell Martinez Workshop Items are too expensive for usefulness

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The new Workshop items are pretty terrible in general. The sickle is less effective than an iron sickle with the only bonus is a 10% wound chance. All for 1400 exotics to get one. That's terrible. I normally use a bone one and that is usually good enough for most missions or sometimes I go for a Platinum one or iron since I usually have extra plat or iron available by then. Which then makes this one a complete waste. I cannot imagine a realistic scenario where I would ever want to use it. Outside of the Spear all of the other Larkwell items are pretty bad in comparison to other workshop items. Spears kinda suck in general and way too expensive and way to easy to accidentally lose so I do not use them. I have enough exotics to buy several of the Larkwell Items but I won't since they are worse than the inaris versions. The Larkwell Hammer is ok...but its the same cost as the other hammers and its 15% least exposure resistance for 3% hold time reduction. Just bad

Under consideration Balance Workshop Suggested by: Krystyn Upvoted: 02 Jul, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0