Please give us a warning message re "Destroy item" to avoid accidental exotic item deletion.

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Just lost my exotic high end pickaxe due to destroying it by mistake. I swap between pickaxes and have them in slot 2. I had been playing many hours and was tired. I went to delete my iron pickaxe to replace it with platinum but forgot I still had the exotic equip. Bang...gone! Unable to retrieve. My request is simple. In most games you get a prompt to ask "Are you sure you wish to delete....etc" when important game items are selected. Can we not have this feature include to avoid this happening? I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to. I realize this was my error but this simple inclusion that other games have would be appreciated. Thx.

Under consideration Inventory Workshop Suggested by: Bryce Armstrong Upvoted: 19 Apr, '22 Comments: 0

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