[Suggestion] UI Improvements / Inventory mechanics

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I like the game, I do not like the item management: - Give object inventories priority ALWAYS, if I am in a furnace there is ZERO % chance I want to ctrl-click from my hotbar to my own inventory and always to the furnace. - Dropping items straight from the inventory should be implemented, trying to clear your inventory by dragging items out or right clicking is annoying, and pressing Q while hovering an item only to drop something from your hotbar is ever worse. - Armour needs an "equip" right click option that switches out what you're wearing for the selected item. Preferably also possible from object inventories other than your own. - Dying and inventory management needs to be looked at, give me my item back in my L spot, and put my oxygen and water containers back into my suit when I get revived. - item division needs improvement, allow us to divide item stacks WAY more precisely than only splitting it in half (grab one from stack, divide items on a specific amount of slots)

Done Inventory UI Suggested by: Moozes Upvoted: 01 Apr Comments: 3

Comments: 3