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I've played for 490 hours as of yesterday. My issues are: There is nothing for max lvl characters except doing the same thing over and over and over again, maybe in a little different scenario. Everything is run around and mine ore, slow walk back because you're carrying too much ore and have pneumonia. (How does moisture get in a self-contained environmental suit, but you don't drown when swimming underwater?). Then build your workbenches, and mine more, then repeat over and over. Then you complete the prospect and loose everything and have to start from scratch the next time. The tech tree is almost worthless because of the effort to build all of the items, again only to lose them. The level cap is an insult to your players. The death penalty is way too high in solo play, which is how I play. Develop an outpost and vehicle system where you can store your equipment and transport what you need to each new prospect. The workshop gear is crap. Breaks easily and can't repair.

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Comments: 2

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