[Bug] Any mining yield increase alone is equal to 150% Yield.

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So started a new character today and noticed that with stone pickaxe I was getting 20 copper ore per node with a stone pickaxe, which seemed odd at first. So I got back on my main (level 50) that has the 10% solo talent mining yield increase and with a stone pickaxe I was getting around 30 copper ore. So then I thought I should try the new CX-400 mining armor on a level 0 character with a stone pickaxe to see if I get over 30 per node, which is a 25% base mining increase and not a multiplier, and I did in fact get around 32 ore... So actually mining seems like it is bugged because any increase to mining automatically gives you a 50% increase in ore yield... So then I tried a Sui Shi without the new armor set versus a stone pickaxe with the new armor set, on a level 0 character, and both times got around 32 ore. Then using the Shengong SuiShi Pickaxe with the new CX-400 Armor set, mining capped out at 40 ore per node, for fun I tried the Neves and it was capped at 40 ore as well.

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