[Suggestion] T4 Electric Radar - make chargeable

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The T4 radar is singularly unwieldy to use. It requires power, which means setting up a generator (or panel), wiring it, and then using it, then picking up the items, for every placement. the other two are functionally just drop-and-run, making the T4 far more hassle. The biofuel generator has several slots at the top of it which I assume were originally intended for "charging" or "recharging" items. My suggestion would be to make the T4 Electric Radar the first of these chargeable items. Stick it in the generator charging slot and let it get enough for, say, 10-15 uses. This would still mean you have to bring it back and charge it periodically (like needing a new fuel can for the T3) but would give it similar mobility and ease to both of the other radars (less to carry than the T3, not as long-lived as the Workshop, so a nice balance in the middle). (Requiring a generator and wiring for the extractors is fine, as that is at least a longer activity.)

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Twist2021 Upvoted: 20 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

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